Red belly tuna in sea vegetables tartar.



For the red belly tuna:

Belly tuna Ventresca 200 gr.


Black pepper grain.

For maceration:

Fresh garlic 1/2 cloves.

Fresh peeled and grated ginger 3 gr.

Fresh wasabi 2.5 gr.

Galangal 2 gr.

Lime zest 5 gr.

Lime juice (natural) 8.5 ml.

Extra virgin olive oil 35 ml.

Rice vinegar 4 ml.

For the vegetables of the sea:

Seaside arrowgrass “junquillo de mar” 2 gr.

Ficoide glacial (crystalline ice plant) 8 gr.

Moss of Ireland 4 gr.

Salicornia (sea beans) 6 gr.


Tender almonds 8 pcs.

Pickled onions 4 pcs.


For the red belly tuna:

1. Clean the belly tuna belly and cut into big dices.

2. Chop in 1/2 cm dice with a sharp knife.

3. Store in the refrigerator covered with plastic wrap until its use.

For maceration:

1. Grind the garlic, ginger, wasabi, galangal and lime zest in a blender.

2. Add the lime juice and the rice vinegar until you get a homogeneous cream.

3. Incorporate the extra virgin olive oil into fine strip until an emulsion is obtained.

4. Drain and save cold.

For the sea vegetables:

1. Clean the salicornia and keep the yolks.

2. Cut the Seaside arrowgrass in 3-centimeter canes.

3. Select the leaves and shoots ficoide glacial.

4. Choose Ireland moss in small bouquets.


1.Place the almonds, split in half lengthwise and keep until serve.

2. Make a cut on the stem of the onions and remove the layers carefully with the help of a small knife.


1. Season the tuna belly in a bowl and stir with a spoon.

2. Add the maceration and mix so that it is evenly distributed.

3. In the center of the dish, place the tuna and shape it with a 8 centimeters round mold.

4. Put the tuna and sea vegetables randomly.

5. Finish the dish by placing the hollow pickled onions and the tender almond.


For a tasting menu we will put 30 gr. of tuna belly chopped for 10gr. of maceration.

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