You don’t have to be Paco Roncero to cook dishes bearing his hallmark. All you need is a natural curiosity for the flavours, textures and possibilities associated with our gastronomy. Just let yourself be guided by any of the books you will find here: each one is a map that can carry you away to amazing places without leaving your kitchen.

PACO RONCERO with the collaboration of Yanet Acosta.

Correr, cocinar y ser feliz

How can a chef with two Michelin stars, surrounded by gastronomic delicacies, lose more than thirty kilos without giving up the pleasure of eating? This practical and inspiring book comes up with the answer using more than sixty delicious, easy-to-prepare and light-to-enjoy recipes that you can enjoy bite-by-bite without forgetting your figure or health.

Software Gestor de cocina.

All PacoRoncero’s catering management experience in establishments is available on software that will enable you to keep even the smallest aspects of your business under control: making dishes, POS sales, labour management, table management and booking, costs and overheads, stock management, etc.

Tapas en la Gastronomía del S.XXI

Amazing and original recipes that blend flavours and textures, this miniature cuisine so greatly appreciated and valued by all. A whole world of possibilities to enjoy our best raw materials combining culinary technique, creativity and imagination.

Tapas en estado puro.

Hot and cold tapas, sandwiches, snacks on toast, salads, sweets, but also rice, meat and much more. Dishes based on product quality and traditional ingredients, but with a special touch in their preparation and presentation. A wonderful selection of tapas for eating and drinking in good company!


Bocadillos y ensaladas

An interactive approach to the world of sandwiches and salads seen as a combination of ingredients brimming with options and possibilities.

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