Roncero, in 37 words

Multisensory Chef.  Culinary avant-garde. Challenge hunter. Multifunctional runner. Holder of 2 Michelin Stars. Guardian of the High Kitchen for all. Scalextric lover. Communicator. Tireless Ironman. Pronating Businessman. Gastronomy National Award. High Performance Dreamer. Workshops addicted. Compulsive host.

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Paco Roncero´s gastronomic world revolves around a series of projects that take the form of sensory experiences reinterpreting familiar dishes and ingredients, injecting them with new life and potential. Each and every one of them is a path leading to a unique way of understanding the cuisine that bears Roncero’s avant-garde hallmark.

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Roncero in movement

Paco never stops. In fact, it moves so much that sometimes it's hard for cameras to keep pace. Even then, in this channel you will find a reasonable amount of videos related to each one of his different facets. You will get used to click on “Play”.
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Paco, in the social networks