Carbonara nest egg.



For the pullet egg shells:

Pullet eggs 4 units.

For the yolk spherical base:

Pasteurized egg yolk 250 gr.

Gluco 5 gr.

For the sodium alginate bath:

Water 1 lt.

Sodium alginate 5 gr.

For spherical egg yolks:

Alginate bath (previous preparation) 1 lt.

Spherical base of yolk 250 ml.

Olive oil 500 ml.

For Parmesan Serum:

Water 250 ml.

“Reggiano” parmesan cheese 250 gr.

For hot Parmesan whey jelly:

Parmesan Serum (Previous preparation) 200 ml.

Liquid cream 50 ml.

Agar - Agar 1.2 gr.

Gelatin sheets 2gr - 1.5 units.

Xanthan 0.1 gr.

Salt 0.1 gr.

For egg yolks and parmesan jelly:

Egg shells 4 units.

Spherical egg yolk 4 units.

Hot Parmesan Gelatin 200 ml.

For the bacon cream:

Smoked bacon 500 gr.

Liquid cream 500 ml.

Whole milk 500 ml.

Liquid nitrogen 1 l.

For tagliatelle consomme:

Clarified meat consomme 500 ml.

Gellan Gum 8 gr.


White truffle oil 10 gr.

Maldon salt.

Ground black pepper. 


For the pullet egg shells:

1. Clean the eggs in the water carefully not to break them.

2 Remove from the water and dry with an absorbent paper cleaning the shell well.

3. With a small pointed scissors, make a circular hole 1.5 cm in diameter at the bottom of the shell so the inside of the egg can be emptied.

4. Empty the eggs and keep the whites and yolks for other preparation.

5. Clean the inside of the eggshells in water with care not to break it and remove the inner membrane of the eggshell.

6. Place in the oven for 4 minutes at 90º C.

7. Allow to dry in container with absorbent paper with the hole upside down.

For the yolk spherical base:

1. Drain the pasteurized egg yolk through a fine mesh strainer.

2. Once drained, add the gluco and mix with a whisk until there are no lumps.

For the alginate bath:

1. Mix the water with alginate in a blender and grind until it is dissolved in the water.

2. Store in the refrigerator for 12 hours to remove excess air.

For spherical egg yolks:

1. Fill the 2.5 cm diameter spoon with 12 g. of the spherical yolk base and pour the spoon contents into the alginate bath forming spherical. Make one spherical per person.

2. Cook the spherical egg yolks in the alginate mixture for 2 minutes.

3. Drain the spheres with a ladle of holes without breaking them and put them in cold water.

4. Drain the water and store in a container with olive oil.

For the parmesan whey:

1. Cut the parmesan into small irregular pieces.

2. Put the water in a saucepan and when it starts to boil add the chopped parmesan.

3. Stir until the parmesan dissolves and let it infuse for 15 minutes out of fire.

For the hot parmesan whey jelly:

1.Mix the parmesan butter with the cream and salt.

2. Add the xanthan and mix a wisk.

3. Add the agar-agar, mix and bring to boil while still removing.

4. Remove from the heat and add the previously hydrated gelatin leaves in cold water, mix and strain.

For the parmesan eggs and spherical bud:

1. Using a syringe, fill 1/3 part of egg shells with hot Parmesan gelatin.

2. Drain the spherical buds of the oil and arrange a yolk inside each egg.

3. Finish filling the inside of eggshell with warm parmesan gelatin.

4. Set in the refrigerator for 3 hours.

5. Once curdled, peel the eggs and store in a flat tray with paper at the fridge.

For the bacon cream:

1. Cut the bacon into 1 centimeter dice.

2. Sauté in a nonstick pan until light golden.

3. Add the milk and cream and let reduce by half.

4. Drain by pressing through a strainer and set aside.

5. To do the bacon shells, introduce a small casserole (0,075 l.) Into the liquid nitrogen until it is frosty.

6. Put the casserole in the bacon cream until it covers the whole outside and forms a thin and even layer.

7. Put it again through the nitrogen until it becomes a bacon shell and peels off from the casserole.

8. Store in the freezer until use.

For tagliatelle consomme:

1.Mix the clarified meat consommé with the Gellan gum and bring to the boil stirring with a wisk.

2. Pour the mixture quickly over the desired container.

3. Allow to cool 2 hours in the refrigerator.


1. Remove the eggs from the refrigerator 30 minutes before use.

2. Cook in the salamander until they reach the desired temperature.

3. With a microplane grater, grate the clarified meat consomme, getting noodles long as possible.

4. Place the noodles in the center of a black tray simulating a nest. Heat up.

5. Place the egg on the hot consomme nest. Garnish with white truffle oil, salt and ground black pepper.

6. Finish the dish on/at the table by placing the frozen bacon shell on the egg.

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